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A cyber predator becomes the hunted when he preys on the wrong woman.

Directed and Written By: Gabriel Furman
Director of Photography: Jamal Solomon

Executive Producer: Brian Kingston
Producers: Kathleen Simmonds & Gabriel Furman

Co-Producers: Joanna Lu, Jeff Tan & Paolo Monico

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A man desperately searches the bleak, desolate streets of Atlantic City for his missing loved one, lost to the cruel grip of the opioid epidemic. He leads with his own humanity as he fights to keep alive an impossible hope.

Director: Michael Raymond James

Written By: Michael Raymond James & Gabriel Furman 
Director of Photography: Jason Roman

Executive Producer: Jason Momoa
Producers: Ben Samuels & Oliver Samuels

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Award Winning short film about a kid growing up in “the hood”, secretly dreaming of trick-or-treating as Wonder Woman for Halloween, who starts to question where they fit in the “traditional gender system”. WONDER has screened in over 40 world-wide premiere film festivals, including Outfest and Iris Prize and has gone on to win 21 awards, including Urbanworld’s “Audience Award Best Short Film” and Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival’s “HBO Best Short Film Award”, making it eligible for Academy Award consideration. In 2020, HBO licensed the short film and was available on all HBO platforms.

Director: Javier Molina

Written By: Gabriel Furman

Starring: Gabriel Furman & Benji Siegel
Director of Photography: Elia Lyssy
Producer: Paolo Monico
Editor: Marco Ferrara




Written By: Gabriel Furman & Javier Molina

After the death of their mother, Tito tries desperately to keep custody of his traumatically brain injured brother, Pacci. The only way he can do that is to get out of the drug game and prove to Social Services that he has “legitimate income”. He doesn’t… but he does have a dream of opening a restaurant that could solve all of their problems — “Maria’s”, a little Puerto Rican cuisine spot with a live salsa band in the back.


In order to achieve his dream and keep custody of his brother, who he will do anything for, Tito goes back to selling drugs — just enough to buy the restaurant and make him “legit” in the eyes of the State. But, when Pacci starts seeing and hearing people that aren’t there, the brothers’ lives are put in jeopardy, forcing Tito to face a dark secret and make an impossible choice. What starts out as the best day ever, turns into the worse day of their lives and changes everything for Tito and Pacci in ways they could never imagine.

Brother’s Keeper is a new play that was workshopped as an “Open Rehearsal” at the famed Actors Studio in New York City under the direction of Academy Award winning director/writer/producer, Bobby Moresco.

Mother's Day_KissGoodbye_edited.jpg

Director: Jeff Tan

Written By: Gabriel Furman

Starring: Melissa Leo & Gabriel Furman


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